Trusted mobile ID
Presenting Digital Freedom

PassBy[ME] is a PKI secured mobile ID solution,
providing future-proof user authentication,
transaction signing and mobile electronic signature
creating a real digital end to end experience.

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Identify users and sign documents online

PassBy[ME] is a versatile mobile ID tool with many application possibilities to go fully digital. It offers legal compliance which is an essential cornerstone of all online transactions.

Why Us?


Maximize security based on PKI technology and keep ergonomics high.

Legally Binding

Create non-repudiation signature that is legally binding.


Digitalize processes, minimize the need for in person administration.

Minimize Cost

On-premise implementation or software as service.


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Our trusted solution is developed to comply with European eIDAS regulation and follows PSD2 directives.



Create legally binding documents carrying the power of proof and fulfill legal compliance.


A peace of mind online solution makes bank card owners happy and safe while trading products or services.


Digital and secure bridge between citizens and government for online interactions.



Foster customer trust towards cloud solution providers due to advanced cloud security.


Ease client acquisition, optimize branch network, build digital management.


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